Not quite triples

The other day, i found an interesting post in a reddit group. A guy with the username felippeg had shared a very creative way of expanding his middle screen with two smaller screens. So the basic idea was to use the main wide screen in the middle and use two super cheap smaller screens for... Continue Reading →


I have done a few posts about Smart Sim Shopping, and about being honest to one self when considering upgrades because I do believe that most of us can have a lot of fun without having to spend money that we don't need to on games, software and equipment. Have a read through the two... Continue Reading →

RC racing is intense too!

There was a time, not very long ago, where most of us would not even consider watching a sim race as interesting. Personally, I seem to find sim racing more interesting to watch now, than most real life racing. Likewise though, I had never thought that remote controlled cars could race this close and... Continue Reading →

Lamborghini Artwork

I visited this museum in Ã…rhus Denmark, where i found a piece or art that you guys may find interesting. It's was a Lamborghini Gallardo, placed on display in the Aros munseum, that encouraged visitors to leave their mark on the car. The innitial thought was to make art dynamic, and multi directional, instead of... Continue Reading →

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