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iRating and Safety rating

The difference between iRating and Safety Rating is pretty straight forward. But how do you use it? For me, it is just a tool that tells me how i’m doing and not a goal in itself


Poor man’s Stream deck

How to add a keyboard to your system, and make it work as a button box or macro keyboard


The 2020 km Quarantine race

If you are the kind of person who always looks for the positive sides of everything, even a catastrophy, then here is one more that you can add to COVID19 pandemic. It has done wonders to the hobby of sim racing! Many pro drivers have taken to their simulators, and done some spectacular racing, probably […]


Video Teasers

Lately i have done a lot of graphics work, helping people who needed logos but I’ve also done a few video teasers, that turned out pretty well! It has been a “pay what you can” model, so this has not been a gold mine, but i have learned a lot about how to work on […]

Series & Leagues

Making the best of COVID19

Many of us are locked in self isolation these days because of the Corona virus that is spreading fast. Although people are coping very differently with being forced to stay at home, it seems like the sim racing community is booming. The lack of real life motorsport, or any sport really, seems to have generated […]

Jobs Videos

Countdown videos for SR4MH

I have done quite a few free jobs for SimRacers4MentalHealth and this one is the latest. They needed 4 images, to share on social media, and create a hype for an upcoming race. Instead of images, i made 4 short animations. One for each day and then one for raceday. Obviously, they would share one […]