10 second Divebomb


[videopress MErdwZXQ]

This is a klip of a race in Okayama Short, with the MX5 in fixed setup. The two cars had been fighting for some laps, allowing me to catch up and make contact on that second to last lap of the race. I reached them on turn 4, had a chance to passe on the inside on turn 5 and we had the incident on turn 6.

In the actual incident, the Repsol car goes for the apex, even though i am there. He could have stayed further to the left, and not expect me to brake for him on what is usually a fast sweeping corner.

The general concensus though, is that this is a case of a divebomb that never really suceeded. When the blue car and i went for the inside, onĀ  turn 5, the blue car completed the pass on the spot. I on the other hand, exited right next to the Rrepsol car, and this means i did not pass him quite yet.

Although this could have been avoided by both of us, by either letting the other have more space, or braking, the repsol car had the right of corner 6 because the pass on corner 5 never got completed.

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