AI to iRacing

AI is comming to iRacing today (03/12-2019). Its a soft launch, that means it will only be available on one car (Porsche 911 cup) and only on a few tracks. This is to let uses test it, evaluate it and find issues that need adjustments before a proper launch.

  • highly adjustable drivers
  • Use in single races
  • or championship seasons
  • Customizable profiles
  • Adjust levels of skill
  • aggressiveness
  • age/reflexes
  • pitting ability, etc.

This is a feature many have been waiting for, for a long time, and others feel its a waste of time and resources. Expect new rage outbursts on the radio though, telling people to go race AI instead, or that this is not an AI race…

If you don’t have access to the iRacing forums, this is what has been posted there

From the Developers:

iRacing Members, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more and more a part of our everyday lives. We are excited to say that tomorrow, iRacing is introducing AI as a new aspect of our service.

For more than a decade you’ve been able to drive against the best sim racers in the world in our Official or Ranked racing competitions and some of you have risen to the top and are racing in our World Championship eSports. You’ve also had the ability run in open practices, run in special events with and without official teams, to host races or run in hundreds of leagues through our hosting and league racing service. In addition you’ve been able to drive alone out on the track in testing, in Time Trials and in Time Attack.

Tomorrow you can begin beta testing iRacing AI against computer-controlled, highly adjustable drivers in two ways – in single races or in championship seasons. iRacing AI is still a work in progress; that is why we are beginning with an introductory soft launch open to all iRacing members featuring just the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car racing on 7 selected road courses. If all goes well we will soon be launching NASCAR cup cars in a soft launch as well on a number of oval and road tracks.

This is just the beginning of a number of exciting possibilities for iRacing AI. Currently, Members are able to create rosters of highly adjustable, customizable drivers who can be set to differing levels of skill, aggressiveness, age/reflexes, pitting ability, etc. You’ll be able to replicate the driving attributes of your real-life friends and rivals not to mention rosters of great drivers of the past or present.

I’m sure you’ve raced AI before on other games. Well, here is your first opportunity to race against what will be the most intelligent AI you’ve ever faced. They will also be the toughest once you begin to exceed your overall skill setting. You can also adjust each individual AI driver skill setting and the overall skill spread of the AI field you are racing against.

Full release notes for this build will be shared in a separate post later this afternoon.

We look forward to hearing your initial feedback on iRacing AI, and thanks very much for your passion and support of iRacing!​ Happy Holidays!

Follow the discussion at iRacing own forum here


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