There are many things that will make you faster on Forza 6. Some of them are easy, others need a little practice, and others will take you several years to get right. Here, we’ll list the things you can start with, to make the big leaps. If you haven’t looked into these, they might improve your lap times quite a lot!

Automatic Gears

The first thing you need to do, is learn how to drive with manual gears. There is no way around this, and it will make you several seconds faster on mostly any track, if not even faster. This might take a while to get used to, but should not be too hard. The best way to do this, is to pick a short and simple track, and do 10-15 laps with the manual gears. There is a lot more to keep track of, and it feels very stressful, but after 10 laps, it will feel a lot better than after the first lap.

This is honestly one of the fastest improvements you can make in your driving style, and also one of the easiest to learn, even though it may take you a couple of hours. Other aspects of racing will take you years to master, but changing gears, you can master in a couple of days or even faster.

Once you get used to changing gears, you won’t think too much of it, and you can focus on your driving lines, traffic and strategy again. The advantage of using manual gears, is that you decide when and where you change them. This allows you to stay on power longer, or avoid changing gears at a critical point of a turn. When using manual gears, try not to downshift too fast of downshifting while still on the throttle. This can cause damage to your engine that will slow you down massively. Consider changing the mapped buttons for changing gears. For your own convenience, and eventually later use of clutch, try getting used to having the B button for gearing up, and the X box for gearing down.

Using manual with clutch is also great, but don’t focus too much on this at the moment. It will basically make your gear changes faster, but can also risk damaging other parts of the car. As long as you get used to B & X for gear changes, using clutch will came easily later on.

Adjust your Dead Zones

Dead zones, are settings for your controller, that define how much input they require, before they register it. If your dead zone for the trigger is 20 then your trigger will not react, before you reach 20%.
This is great if you have an old worn controller, that is not as precise as it used to be. It can correct twitches or that slight turn towards one side on the straights. By default though, Forza 6 has some pretty high dead zone values that limit your input range and hence how sensitive you can be with brakes, throttle, steering etc.

There are two settings for each input, called inside and outside. Inside dead zone is the amount of unused trigger pull at the end of travel. Outside dead zone is the amount of unused trigger pull at the beginning of trigger application. Basically you want the inside value to be as low as possible, and the outside as low as possible without it feeling uncomfortable. Ideally, inside dead zone should be 0 and outside should be 100 but there is a reason why dead zones are there. You’ll know that you’ve overdone it if your controller registers inputs, without you giving it some. So if you are on a straight, and you car turns slightly to one side, you’ll need to adjust the dead zone for steering. If you can see in the telemetry that you are applying a little throttle or brake even though you don’t have your fingers on the triggers, you’ll need to add a little dead zone to those.

Adjusting dead zone to the lowest possible value, will give you a larger range of input, and allow you for a more delicate car handling. This in return, and if used correctly, will allow you to attach corners better, brake faster and generally go around the track faster.

Braking line Vs Assisted Braking

These are two different settings that you can turn on and off as you want. One of them is good, the other is bad. I’ve met a few people who don’t know the difference between these two, and that’s the only reason why this is here.

The braking line, is ONLY a visual assist, that will display a line on the road, indicating the correct and fastest way around the track. You can limit this to only show in the corners, or all the time. Even though this line is not always correct, it is a good feature to use if you race a lot, or race on a track you are not familiar with. The braking line does not brake your car though, and is only a visual aid, similar to way a sign on the road that lets you know a corner is coming up.

The brake assist though, will brake the car for you, if you miss the braking point. So if you approach a corner too fast or try to brake late, it will take over, and brake for you. You can’t use this, and it will slow you down instead of help you on the track. Don’t compare this to ABS. Brake assist, will kick in, even if you don’t touch the brake trigger, where as ABS brake will help you brake, without locking the wheels, but only when you press the brake trigger. Ideally, you should practice being very gentle with the brake trigger, instead of simply pushing it all the way. This way you won’t need the ABS either, and that will improve your speed too.

Pick the right Tune & car

There are huge amounts of time to lose, if you pick the wrong type of car, for a certain track. This is no easy thing to change, and will come with experience (or knowledge) but the best way to pick the right car, it to look at what most of the other drivers are driving. Likewise, tunes can change the characteristics of the car quite dramatically. Make sure to pick the right car and an all around good tune for it, to have decent chances. Don’t expect this to put you at the front of the pack right away. A tune will not make you the fastest driver in the grid, but can help you catch up seconds depending on the track. The wrong tune can easily make you much slower though, so make sure to test out a few on different tracks before you choose one

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