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The week is just about over, and we’re looking at a nice weekend, to sum up the leaderbaords of the Two R rated Leagues from this week. Personally i spent some time on the Ghost league, having fun and actually learning quite a bit about carying speed through the corners, by looking at the other drivers. It was a great way to practice racing lines. The Bentley league was a bit too much for me. I often had to wait too long, untill the drivers were done with their races, before i could join – and when i finally did, the crashing was pretty bad, and my car got ruined.

For the comming week, there are two new leagues to explore though!

C – Ghost League

Sept. 4th to Sept. 12th

This week, theres is a Ghost League in C class. This is a really fun class, that will definetelly showcase some awesome and maybe surprising cars and tunes. The cars are fast, but not crazy fast. They can handle well, and you’ll be able to drive beautifully, or at least practice.

For this week, i’ll pick the Honda S2000 that seems to be a pretty decent all around C class car. The tune i’ve picked for now, is an all around tune, but for tracks with long fast straights, i’ll probably shift to an other car, as the S2000 does not have the top speed. What it lacks at top speed, it will make up in handling, and accelleration though, and that’s why this is a very popular car

Mercedes A Class

Sept 4th to Sept 11th

The Mercedes A Class is actually rated as an S class car, and was not a car that i had driven on Forza before. It looks like it can’t make up it’s mind on what car it wants to be. At some angles it looks like a WV Golf and other times it looks like a Dodge Viper.

I was surprised to take it for a spin on a few tracks, as it handles pretty well, and sounds great. It has a very subtle muffled sound to it, that feels great and suits the car. The Spec League is hard to predict, but there are probably going to be some crashing and some agressive driving. Don’t miss out on this leagues though, as it’s a pretty car that could give some fun racing experiences if you end up in the right group

The Mercedes A Class league, is an endurance style setup, with at least 1 quickstop, and generally longer sessions, than the average hoppers races.

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I've been hooked on racing games, ever since the Burnout series back in the late 90s and after going through some painful years trying to learn the F1 series games, i am now hooked on Forza. I am not the fastest on the track, and not a fanatic, but i enjoy sim racing a lot, and try to get better and faster.

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