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I have previously made a post about Acelith, and how much i like the idea of upgrading your wheel in an affordable but stylish way. They offer custom rim upgrades for the most popular and accessible wheels like G920, G27, T300, TS PC etc.

Now i have finally bought one myself, for the GTE Ferrari rim that I had never used since i bought it. I bought the rim in a second hand bundle that included the base, the Ferrari GTE rim and the Ferrari F1 rim. I have been using the F1 rim up till now, and have been very happy with it! I wanted something smaller though, that had the same diameter, but didn’t cover the screens quite as much

What Acelith sells, is basically just a front face for the existing hub that you already have. The carefuly and elegantly design replicas of famous wheels, or get inspired by them, to make designs that look and feel great!

I ordered the B-Style DTM for the T300 GTE rim but they offer many different designs for both Logitech and Thrustmaster rims. I also ordered a BMW dome sticker to cover the Ferrari logo in the middle.

Installation was easier than I would ever have imagined. Just remove the 6 screws in the middle (note there are 2 different lengths), as well as two screws at the back, that you an access through a hole in the shifter paddles.

Once you have removed the wheel, make sure to keep track of the front, because here you have a loose directional button over, and a spring that grounds the wheel.

Then simply stick the new dome sticker on top of the Ferrari logo, place the new rim on top of the hub, and replace the screws.


The build quality is great. They usually offer 3 options for the plate (steel, aluminium or carbon) but I ordered the steel version as that was the only one they had on stock. The advantages of carbon and aluminium are that they are lighter than steel, but considering how little material there is, it would make a very little percentage gain anyway.

The grips are 3D printed and although they feel solid, they are not quite suitable to drive with. I strongly recommend gloves, or having them covered with some overgrip tape or leather.

The design of the wheel is very elegant and nice looking, but I feel the the open top of the grips, compared to the closed grip that my F1 wheel had, offers less grip and it feels like it almost slips out of my hands in some corners. This might get better once I get used to it, or when I have it covered with a material that offers more grip.

There were 3 available front wraps to choose between. One in carbon, and two BMW themed designs, in a white or a black style. I ordered the white that i feel looks really nice!

Is it worth it?

For me, it was worth all the money. Not only does it look great, but it has freed up a whole lot of the screen behind it. It will need some getting used to, but I expect that any new rim would require that.

I wish that they would offer to cover the grips in leather or alcantara, as they used to, but it seems like it was too complicated. An other issue is that many of their designs are sold out. You can always get in touch with them and ask when they will have the wheels ready, but they are a small company that two students have created, so they might be busy with a lot of things.

Visit Acelith and have a look through their range. They have some awesome stuff, and offer affordable upgrades to accessible rims.

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