Artistic Find Five Friday

This Friday, I have made a challenge for you out of an illustration by The Print Lane. Please go visit the website, to see or even order high quality prints of the illustrations, or follow on Instagram (@theprintlane) to see the creative process that goes on behind the masterpieces.

This image is an illustration of the legendary world championship winning1992 Williams FW14B driven by Nigel Mansell! It is made with more detail than many other illustration from ThePitLane, wich suits the Find Five Friday challenge better.

Can you find all 5 differences between the two versions of this image? Have a go and see how many you can find

I really love the style of the illustrations from ThePitLane, especially the slightly more simplistic designs look very elegant and stylish.

Make sure to visit the website and check out all the illustrations!

By now you must have found most differences between the two images above, but if you are still struggling, you might find the comparison tool bellow helpful!

This has been a slightly different Find Five Friday than usual, where i prefer using pictures from games or simulators, but it has been a very enjoyable puzzle non the less.

Bellow you’ll find the solutions highlighted in purple. Did you manage to find them all?

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