Aston Martin DBR9

Welome back to a Find Five Friday challenge! This time I’ve been honored to work on an image donated by Racing Simrigs Worldseries. This picture was from a 12hrs charity race, at Daytona, where they raised over £3300 with their Race Against Cancer in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. You might want to visit their website and check out their community, or follow them on Facebook, and Instagram profile here.

On to the actual challenge then! I have edited this picture of an awesome car, in a fabulous livery. Can you find the 5 things that are different?

The differences at subtle, but definitely visible. I am sure that you have already found a few, but if you’re still struggling, you might find the comparison tool bellow helpful.

By now you should have found all the differences, but just in case a you still can’t find that last one, I’ll post the solution bellow

Once again, I’d like to thank Sim Racing Leagues for their image donation. Please do get in touch if you have a similar image you’d like me to use for one of the future Find Five Friday challenges! I’d be glad to play around with it!

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