Jobs Videos

Countdown videos for SR4MH

I have done quite a few free jobs for SimRacers4MentalHealth and this one is the latest. They needed 4 images, to share on social media, and create a hype for an upcoming race. Instead of images, i made 4 short animations. One for each day and then one for raceday. Obviously, they would share one […]


Track Quiz

Drivetribe has this great quiz, where you have to guess the track, just using one picture. Can you do it? I missed one!


Not quite triples

The other day, i found an interesting post in a reddit group. A guy with the username felippeg had shared a very creative way of expanding his middle screen with two smaller screens. So the basic idea was to use the main wide screen in the middle and use two super cheap smaller screens for […]



I have done a few posts about Smart Sim Shopping, and about being honest to one self when considering upgrades because I do believe that most of us can have a lot of fun without having to spend money that we don’t need to on games, software and equipment. Have a read through the two […]