BCR Livery

I had this idea stuck in the back of my head, and thought I could just as well put it out here to free up the space back there. I made the logo pretty fast, as I knew what I wanted, and could skip many of the time consuming steps. The 3 versions are ideal for placing them around the car on different backgrounds and sizes.

I kept the car in greyscale, to highlight the yellow in the logo. It ended up pretty elegant. I played around with the metallic spec maps and added some roughness to some areas to bring forth the lines of the car, without adding too much colour. Notice the slightly rougher lines on the chrome sides. They ended up very nice and I think enhance the beautiful lines of the Porsche RSR.

You can race this livery by getting it here.

If you need a logo, livery or maybe a whole pack of graphics for your team, stream, or league, let me know! I am sure that we could figure something out! I am by no means a pro, but I have fun doing what I do.

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