Best Voice Commands for Crew Chief

Earlier I shared a post on how to speak to Crew Chief. You can do this in several ways but my favorite right now is to have a button that you need to hold, while speaking. It seems to be the most stable method.

This is all great, but what really matters, is what you can say to Crew Chief. Since i started researching into this, I have used Crew Chief more and more. I have found out that it can do a whole lot more than i expected it could, and it has actually even replaced my need of a few external gadgets that I felt i needed.

Please note that this list is made for iRacing, that does not support information on car damage, tire wear, tire temperature and other information, that you may be able to ask for on other games/sims.

How it works

I don’t want to sound like an expert, because i am not, but i can try to explain how all this voice recognition makes sense in my own head. The software has some sentences, and words that it will listen to and try to decipher. Crew Chief uses a recognizer with an acoustic model. This works brilliantly well with small numbers of possible phrases but as you increase the number, the search space becomes very congested and confidently separating one phrase from another becomes harder. This means that the more voice commands, them less precise speach recognition. That said, i have been consistently surprised at how well Crew Chief will understand what I al telling it. I am not a native English speaker, and would say that i have an atypical accent. Even sentences that were half baked before they came out of my mouth, went clean through to Crew Chief. On the other hand, it can have issues understanding the difference between 15 and 50 or 6 and 60, that can result in some tragic misunderstandings when it comes to pit stop strategy.

My Favourite Voice Commands

can you hear me

Simply trigger your Crew Chief with whatever method you have chosen, and say “can you hear me?”
This will check if your Crew Chief hears you.

Pit stops

Pitstop clear all

I start every race by telling Crew Chief to clear all (in iRacing). This will clear all pit stop strategy fields, and remove any tire changes, refueling, screen tear offs, repairs etc. Then I can specify what i want to have done in the pits on the fly, according to what i may need.

How’s my fuel
How’s my fuel level

This will give you a short status of your fuel situation. Usually this includes how long you are expected to run with your current fuel load (based off the last 5 laps), how much fuel you use pr lap and how much you need to add to the tank to make it to the end. You can also get just one of these informations by saying

  • Whats my fuel level
  • Whats my fuel usage/consumption/use
  • How much fuel to the end/how much fuel do we need

Pitstop add X liters/gallons

Pitstop fuel to the end
Pitstop fuel to the end of the race

My favourite command and the one i always say, is “pitstop, add X liters fuel” or “pitstop fuel to the end of the race”. There is a setting in Crew Chief, that will add a margin to how many laps worth of extra fuel you need to be sure, but do make sure it will last you to the end. I tend to add a few liters on top, just to make it. I don’t quite trust Crew Chiefs calculations (yet).

Alternatively you can be more specific and ask how much fuel you will need for a certain number of laps or time. You can do this by sayng “calculate fuel for 10 laps” or “how much fuel do i need for 15 minutes” or “how much fuel for one hour”. You can only use this after 4-5 laps, so that Crew Chief has some data to estimate on.


What’s the gap ahead
What’s the gap in front
What’s my gap ahead
Whats my gap in front
Gap in front
Gap ahead

What’s the gap behind
What’s my gap behind
Gap behind

This will give you the gap to the car in front or the car behind. These are gaps to the actual positions, so if there is a car that is not on your lap, or from an other class in between you and the car in front/behind, it will ignore that.

How’s my pace
What’s my best lap time
Best lap time:best lap

This is a quick way of getting an idea of how you’re doing. Crew Chief will some times update you on this without asking, and tell you that you are consistent, that your lap times have dropped or of you’re doing worse.

What’s the fastest lap
What’s the fastest lap time

Ask for the fastest lap on the session.

Tell me the gaps
Tell me the deltas
Give me the deltas
Time deltas every lap

Don’t tell me the gaps
Don’t tell me the deltas
Don’t give me the deltas
No more deltas
No more gaps

This is a helpful command, that will tell you the gap to the cars in front and behind. If you want to use this to compare the gap from lap to lap, pick a spot on the track to ask for this, because it can vary depending on corners and straights.


Who’s in front in the race
Who’s ahead in the race
Who’s in front
Who’s ahead

Who’s behind in the race
Who’s behind
Who’s in front on track
Who’s ahead on track
Who’s behind on track

This is a neat feature if you don’t feel like looking at your relative black box, or if you are confused with all the red and blue names in it. Who’s in front of the track, will tell you who is in front, but who is in front in the race, will tell you who is in the position in front of you regardless of lapped cars, other classes etc.

An other useful tip, is to ask for information on certain cars, drivers or positions. These are combinational requests. You can use the car position, driver name or car number and ask about iRating, License class, last lap, best lap, gap or position. There are endless posibilities for this, but i have often used this to find out where a person i have been racing, is, after i have pitted (Where is Jefferson?). This will give his position and gap to you. Sometimes I want to find out what iracing a car that just dive bombed me is (what is car number 14 irating?) or maybe simply a position update like “who is in position 5/p5?” or “what position is Nielsen in?”. Not that you can both use “position 5” or “pee 5” for P5 (or any other number you wish). The most useful for me has been “what is the guy behind last lap?”.You can also ask “is the car behind in my class?”.

Who’s leading
Who’s in the lead
Who is leading
Who is in the lead
Who’s the leader

If you are actually fighting for the win, or just are interested in how it’s going in the front, you can get info on who has P1 of the race, on in case of multi class, the class you are in.

What’s the pitlane speed limit
What’s the pit speed limit
Pit speed limit

Pit stop limits were always hit or miss for me before this. You get a short area before the pit entry where a pop up will tell you if you’re going too fast, but it’s not always long enough for you to brake down to it. If you’re in doubt about what speed to go at in the pits, you can ask Crew Chief. This is especially useful for cars with no pit speed limiter.

Where should I attack
Where am I faster
Where can I attack

Where should I defend
Where am I slower
Where is he faster
Where will he attack

This is actually pretty cool! It will compare your lap with the cars around you, and tell you where you are faster than the car in front, or where you are slower than the car behind. This lets you attack or defend accordingly.

How long’s left
How many laps left
How many laps to go

For longer races, this can be useful. It will tell you how many laps there are left in the race.

What’s the time
What time is it

This will give you the real world time. It is surprisingly useful, so that you don’t have to look at your phone while driving/racing

What’s the sof
What is the strength of field

Once the race has started, you can ask for the strength of field (or short with SOF). This will help you estimate what kind of competition you’re up against for this race.

How many incidents do i have
What’s my incident count
What’s the incident limit

The only way, as far as i can tell, to figure out how many incidents you have, while you’re driving, is to get more. A better way, is to ask Crew Chief, and also ask how many are allowed.

Session status:race status

Session status will report race position, gaps, time / laps left in session. Full status. You can try the “Full update/status” command but this is best on other games/sims than iRacing, as it also will update you on car status, damage, tires etc. This information is not available on iRacing API though.


Keep quiet
Shut up
I know what I’m doing
Leave me alone
Minimal talking
Don’t talk in the corners
No messages in the corners
Don’t talk in the braking zones
No messages in the braking zones

Some times, you just need to concentrate and do the best laps you can. Other times you don’t want distractions on certain tricky parts of the track. Especially on tracks like Le Mans, i prefer to get update and get radio messages on the Mulsanne straight, but i prefer to stay concentrated on the back wiggly part of the track.

Keep me updated
Keep me informed
Keep me posted

This is simply a command to turn messages back on, if you have turned them off.

Repeat last message
Say again

A Simple command to repeat the last message, if you didn’t hear it, or if you want Crew Chief to repeat. I use this often after the “How’s my Fuel”, because i always forget how many liters he tells me we will need to finish the race

Start spotting
Enabled spotter
Don’t spot

Turn the spotter on or off as you wish.

Read corner names
Corner names
Tell me the corner names

This is a very handy feature, that i unfortunatelly haven’t been able to get to work properly. At least not well enough for it to be stable. When turned on, it will read out the names of the corners as you get to them. This is a very good way to learn what the corners are called.

Get out

Exits the car. This command basically presses your escape button for two seconds. This means that your car needs to be stationary for this to work.

Just start using it

It can be weird talking to a computer like this, but once you get used to it, its pretty neat. I have ended up talking to Crew Chief more than i ever have to Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa. Give it a go, and just get to know Crew Chief. He’s a nice guy and I know that you’ll like each other.

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