F1 2017 has some pretty interesting leaderboard events where you get put into a race that is already started, and you’ll need to complete the target result to pass.

The one that they have at the moment, puts you in the shoes of Lance Stroll who has had an incident and had to pit approximately 14 laps before the race ends with a flat fron right. You pick up right after he exits the pits, in P9 but with new Soft tires and ready to attack. Your task is to finish on the podium!

I am no ace on F1 but I am getting more and more fond of it. I had two goes at it and was struggling to reach the goal. I actually only finished 7th the first time, but 4th the second time around. I did not pass the event (yet) but still, I had fun with it, and I am not too ashamed of my progress.

The race stays dry for the remainder of the laps, but you’ll have to fight and defend against drivers such as Hamilton, Raikonnenand Verstappen. If you haven’t already given it a try, you should. I am personally losing a lot of time on the first couple of corners down the hill, and the last tight corners in the middle section, but I’m getting better at them.

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I've been hooked on racing games, ever since the Burnout series back in the late 90s and after going through some painful years trying to learn the F1 series games, i am now hooked on Forza. I am not the fastest on the track, and not a fanatic, but i enjoy sim racing a lot, and try to get better and faster.

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