Bugatti Chiron in Lego

LEGO has a tradition of building unbelievable things with their blocks. I realized this when i first visited LEGOLAND back in the mid 80s. Although it is not a land as such, is it a world of lego, with so many details and things, built entirely out of Legos.

This Bugatti Chiron is one more example of LEGOs creativity. It is nothing new for them to build a real size car. Many of us have seen these around but making one that can actually drive is a whole different thing! This Bugatti can not only fit a human inside, but can actually move and handle on a street.

A First in many ways

This model is groundbreaking in many ways, even for a company like LEGO who have tried many other impressive achievements with their blocks.

  • first fully-functional self-propelled life-size LEGO TECHNIC car
  • first non-glued LEGO TECHNIC model of such complexity
  • first large model powered using LEGO TECHNIC power functionmotors
  • first large-scale moving model using LEGO TECHNIC bricks &elements
  • first time to create new types of transparent LEGO TECHNIC bricks
  • first time to create load bearing parts build purely out of LEGO

The Facts & Numbers

Over 1,000,000 LEGO elements in total. 339 types of LEGO TECHNIC elements used. No glue used in the assembly. Total weight: 1500 kg. Engine contains 2,304 LEGO Power Function Motors, 4,032 LEGO TECHNIC gear wheels, 2,016 LEGO TECHNIC cross axles. Theoretical performance of 5.3 HP, Estimated Torque of 92 Nm.
Functional rear spoiler (using both LEGO Power Functions and
Pneumatics). Functional speedometer built entirely from LEGO TECHNIC elements. 13,438-man hours used on development and construction. Real Bugatti Chiron wheels and emblem

It is a huge feature, and also very impressive accomplishment made out of LEGO. The build, was made to promote their launch of a Bugatti Chiro build set that allows you and me to build a 1:8 scale version of the car.

LEGO Technic is the advanced line of building sets from LEGO. I have always loved LEGO for the simplicity but also creativity of their sets, but with Technic, they really can give one a good challenge! I recently had the pleasure of seeing a completed Porsche 911 RS GT3 model at a friends house, and was blown away with the details and functions that were designed into the build.

LEGO has launched a new set, for the Bugatti Chiron set, that looks if not equally amazing then a little big more challenging! With 3999 pieces, the Bugatti has almost 900 more pieces than the Porsche. At aproximately 56cm, they are approximately the same size, made at 1:8 scale.

The amount of detail in this set is mind blowing, and it will surely give many hours of rewarding fun.

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