Promo animation examples that I have been working for a few local companies and a race event

Video Teasers

Lately i have done a lot of graphics work, helping people who needed logos but I've also done a few video teasers, that turned out pretty well! It has been a "pay what you can" model, so this has not been a gold mine, but i have learned a lot about how to work on… Continue reading Video Teasers

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Countdown videos for SR4MH

I have done quite a few free jobs for SimRacers4MentalHealth and this one is the latest. They needed 4 images, to share on social media, and create a hype for an upcoming race. Instead of images, i made 4 short animations. One for each day and then one for raceday. Obviously, they would share… Continue reading Countdown videos for SR4MH

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