FYI: links to Acelith from this post, include my referral info. This allows Acelith to award a small percentage of any purchases that are made because of this. If i get any, i hope to use it for a give away. I have done a few posts about Smart Sim Shopping, and about being honest… Continue reading ACELITH

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Top iRacing AddOns

iRacing is an exceptionally good sim racer, and is almost a complete racing solution for dedicated and passionate racers. That said, there are a few external addons that make it even better. We're going to take a look at the most popular Most of these, work as separate programs, that will feed off the iRacing… Continue reading Top iRacing AddOns

Heavy Equipment Side Panel for Racing

Buttonboxes are very cool if not necessary to have, if you're racing online. They are basically simply buttons that you assign different functions to. This allows you to adjust those functions and settings on the run, while you're driving, without having to use sliders, the mouse or the keyboard. It all boils down to maintaining… Continue reading Heavy Equipment Side Panel for Racing

Sim Racing System

I've made the move from console (Xbox) to PC 3 months ago. Since i turned the PC on, I haven't gone back to the console, and actually canceled my subscription a few weeks after that. I almost instantly bought a bunch of games, mostly because they were so much cheaper that i was used to… Continue reading Sim Racing System