No More Twitch

I am leaving Twitch both as a streamer and as a viewer. It's not because of the amount of sexualised content that is being shown there, but because of Twitch not acknowledging that its there.

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When to change to iRacing

I have heard sim racers ask themselves and even other racers, when they should move on to iRacing. They are concerned that they are not good enough, they don't feel confident or don't have the experience they believe iRacing needs or even deserves. Is iRacing for you? The first question you need to ask your… Continue reading When to change to iRacing

iRacing Progression

I'm going to share a short post about my thoughts when it comes to tracking your performance on iRacing. I see and hear a lot of people focusing so much on their iRating, that they are not having fun. But iRating is just one side of a more complicated value. Should you be confusing on… Continue reading iRacing Progression

iRating and Safety rating

The difference between iRating and Safety Rating is pretty straight forward. But how do you use it? For me, it is just a tool that tells me how i'm doing and not a goal in itself

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Turning problems into Improvements

I was having issues with my iRacing since the last update in December. Nothing major, but as with most things in racing, even small problems can cause large losses if not damage! The problem were mini hiccups while on the track. They did not last more than ½ a second, and would mostly happen on… Continue reading Turning problems into Improvements

5 Steps to Sim Shop Smarter

One thing i can tell you for sure, after getting older, wiser and more experienced, is that I am getting more and more critical, cynical and pessimistic. Especially when it comes to politics, and economies. This is also why i may be drifting off the bulls eye of the target audience for most sim racing… Continue reading 5 Steps to Sim Shop Smarter