Charity Race Imola/GT3

TM Racing, is hosting a 3 hrs GT3 charity race at Imola this Saturday. It’s a great time to run a hosted race because it’s week 13 anyway, and iRacing has entered the twilight zone during this period.


  • All cars in the current GT3 class
  • Imola
  • 3 Hours race
  • Entry Fee (donation) $5.00 per driver
  • Time: 1800 GMT
  • Saturday 13th March 2021

TM Racing is trying to raise money for The V Foundation. They are a fully endowed charity so any and all money donated goes directly to research through grants awarded throughout the year.

You can race it solo or in a team of no more than 2 drivers. To register, simply make a donation to the fund raiser campaign over at Tiltify (minimum of $5 pr driver). Please note that there are no refunds possible. When you have placed the donation, please contact TM Racing, on their Discord, or directly on iRacing by messaging Phil Schwarz. He will make sure you recieve the password for the server. Phil also has a channel on Twitch that you can follow

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