Danish Streams for Daytona 24hrs

Summing up the post from yesterday, about teams with Danish participation, in the Daytona 24hrs this is a stream wall, with streams from cars that have Danish drivers!

Please note that the actual stream might not be in Danish, but the car/driver who streams, definitely races with at least one Danish driver. (Except for team Racebook, and ERT who are here just because I like them)

The wall bellow will update itself.

I Can make this much better, with a paid plug in, but I didn’t want to spend the £99 on it just for this one race. You can help me pay for the license with a donation towards it, so that I can improve it! The advanced features I’d get in this case would be

  • Add up to 100 streams instead of only 20
  • Make multiple stream walls for different events
  • Show streams that are currently offline
  • Option to make more permanent stream wall
  • More customisation and layout options
  • No Streams Online!

I hope you all have a great race, and I wish everyone good luck with the Daytona 24Hrs 2021!

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