Daytona 24hrs – Danish Participation

I live in Denmark, and mostly race with and against Danish drivers. Therefore I will be keeping a keen eye out for Danish teams, or teams with Danish participation. I have tried to make a list of the ones that i know will participate, but if I have missed out on a few, please let me know, and I will add them to the list!

The list is only sorted in the sequence that i got replies from the teams with info about themselves, so no particular order other than how fast they happened to reply!

This list is currently being updated with more info, logos, images, links etc as I receive them from the participants

SiCo Simracing Cooperative

Our own car, is of course the one that I will personally be spending the most time on. This might be one of the best prepared for endurance races that i have ever joined, mainly due to a 12 hours race on the same track, the week before! Although I won’t stream this on my stream, the whole race will be streamed from Benjamin Langsteds twitch. We are 4 Danish drivers, who will run the SiCo Corvette GTE.

  • Benjamin Langsted
  • Peter Mortensen
  • William Lindahl
  • Stefanos Jensen

SiCo is as such not a team but more a group of drivers trying to make each other better by contributing with what we’re good at. Even teams can be part of SICO, as long as they are willing to contribute with whatever they enjoy doing. You can join the discord here and maybe get a new logo, a custom livery, a new Twitch overlay or a promo video if you can help others with what you like doing

Hyperion Racing

Hyperion Racing will sign up with 3 cars. They will run 2 LMP2 cars, and one BMW M4 GT3. Its their GT3 that I will be particularly keeping an eye on, because of their two Danish drivers, Daniel Lindholdt and Nikolaj Lanman. You will be able to follow them on these streams:

Team Slowpace

Team Slow pace are friends! They have been improving their racing since they started, and although they are a small team, they are very active, dedicated and committed!

I have helped them with a logo, as well as a car livery for this race that turned out pretty nice!

I am happy to know these guys who most likelly will be streaming the whole race through Jonas’ stream. They will race the Porsche GTE with 3 drivers

Elite Sim Sport (ESS)

Elite Sim Sport is a mainly Danish team, that will be running one Corvette GTE car, with four drivers.

  • Mike Gottrup
  • Stefan Fink
  • Danni Sanchez
  • Morten Falandysz

The race will hopefully be streamed from their team stream on twitch. You can also follow them on Facebook here.

RaceTech Competition

Racetech will run a single LMP2 car, with two Danish and one Canadian driver.

  • Aaron Corey
  • Simon Roer Husum
  • Morten Sterregaard-Feltsen

They will attempt to stream the race, and you will find an embedded stream on their website. You can also follow them on theirfacebook page!

Northside Sim Racing

Northside Sim Racing is one of the largest and most welcoming Danish teams. They will run 5 cars for this Daytona 24Hrs race.

They have long been a team that welcomes everyone but they have recently vamped up their expectations for the team, by producing a PRO branch that they hope will be among the top 5 sim racing teams in Denmark.

  • NSR Red: Kurt & Torp & Hans & Tom (GTE)
  • NSR Yellow: Kirkelund & Simon & Thomas (GTE)
  • NSR Blue: Allan & Joakim & Dennis & Madsen (LMP2)
  • NSR Pro Black: Oliver & Mikkel & Luke & Casper Kiel (GTE)
  • NSR Pro White: Kejser & Emil & Brian & Philip (GTE)

Although it’s always interesting to watch the results that NSR achieve, I will personally be keeping a close eye on NSR Red that features the Danish star-streamer Kurt Haue Jensen.


Half man Half Machine is a group of casual simracers spread throughout Denmark. They value a good atmosphere, and sound like very welcoming folks! They take part in most endurance races for EES and VRS on iRacing, as well as most special events.

They will run two cars for this Daytona 24Hrs

GTE Team

  • Daniel Egebjerg Jensen
  • Thomas Rasmussen Martens
  • Christian Brøgger
  • Thor A. Gunderson

LMP2 Team

  • Lasse Nielsen
  • Martin Overgaard
  • Palle Ostenfeldt
  • Søren Olsen
  • Thomas Gunderson

Team Vikings

Team Vikings only accepts drivers from the Nordic countries. The team was founded in 2016, and participates in several private leagues. They mainly race GT3, but will run a GT3 and and LMP2 car for Daytona 24Hrs.

The car to keep an eye on is Team Vikings – Thor. It is the GT3 car, that will be an M4 BMW, that Christian Nielsen will join.

  • Christian Nielsen
  • Tor Anders
  • Ole Christian
  • Harri Kjellin

I could not confirm if they will be streaming but you can follow them on Facebook, and visit their website here.

MSB Racing

MSB is a dedicated group of drivers that have participated and won in many races, series and special events. Besides iRacing they also race on ACC.

This time around they will sign up with one LMP2 and one Corvette GTE car and their ambition is to go for the win!

LMP2 Team

  • Jesper Vium Hansen
  • Toke Fasberg
  • Jørgen Rossen
  • Dennis Martlev

GTE team

  • Shaun Bennet
  • Steffen Kastved
  • Mikkel Andersen

RS e-sport

RS e-Sports i really can’t tell much about at this point. Thomas, who is one of the drivers, has informed that they will run a GTE car, with 5 drivers. Their race might be streamed on Thomas’ stream.

Alkentech NHR

Alkentech Simulation NHR e-Sports is an iRacing team competing in multiple iRacing series, and all special events. The team was founded in late 2018 and has has already participated in multiple championships.

They will run a single GT3 car for this Daytona 24hrs race. You can follow them on Facebook here.

Team Slow Down

Team Slow Down are personal friends and I will definitely drop by their streams during the race to catch up with their progress. You can follow them on Facebook! Peter will be streaming but Tobias or Kennie might also!

Nordic e-Racing

Nordic e-Racing is a pretty large community of sim racers. They race many different games and platforms, and run their own leagues, but they also compete on some of the official iRacing series and special events.

For Daytona, they will be running na LMP2 and a GTE Corvette. You can follow their facebook page here. Anders will be streaming from the GTE car on Twitch, and Karsten from the LMP2 on Youtube.


Corvette GTE

Lone Wolf Motorsports

Currently I have very little info about them, besides the fact that they will join the LMP2 grid. The reason to keep an eye on them is because of Martin who will be one of 4 drivers. He will probably stream the race on his Twitch!

  • Martin Brandborg – Denmark
  • Pedro Gomez – Spain
  • Michael Polasek – USA
  • Chris Bouchard – USA

Mountain Trout Racing Concerns

They seem to be a pretty small team, that i have had trouble finnding much info about. The only info I have, is that they will run an LMP2, with 5 drivers, of whom 2 are danish and one is called Dennis Møllegaard Pedersen.

Fætter BR simRacing

Fætter BR racing is a very new team that will join the GTE grid with a Corvette. For now, it seems like they will manage with 3 drivers! Jonas might stream from his Twitch if his connection allows it


A Swedish iRacing organization formed in February of 2020 by ARCA driver Jonas Fors.

Although they are a new team, They alreay are 2020 Majors Series World 600 winners and Back-to-back Club Scandinavia Oval League Champions.

The reason why I’l be keeping an eye on them is their driver Louie Stockfleth who will join them in a GTE Ferrari 488 efford. Only 3 days before race, his previous team had to bail out, so he was lucky to find a seat with Fors eSports, for this race.

  • Jonas Fors
  • Andreas Bäckman
  • Louie Stockfleth

No Nonsense Racing

NNR is a very dedicated raceteam on iRacing. Their aim is to be as competitive as possible and drive as fast as they can. You will often find them in larger official private leagues and special events.

For this race, NNR will race 3 cars.

  • LMP2 car #246
  • Lamborghini Huracán GT3 #888
  • Lamborghini Huracán GT3 #898

The Danish drivers to keep an eye on will be in car 898, where Jacob Pedersen and Mathias Wodschow will team up with 2 other drivers to try and get the Lamborghini GT3 to the end. Mathis might stream it on Twitch.

Send-IT EsportRacing

This is one of the good things to come out of the Covid-19 period. Send-IT was formed during the lockdown, when a few drivers who decided they wanted to try the 24hrs Le Mans race. Sine then they have grown larger and more serious.

For the 24Hrs of Daytona, they will run one LMP2 car with 3 drivers. Jesper will stream the race on his Twitch.

ESR Intro

ESR is an e-sport agency, which specialises in arranging and executing leagues, competitions and events in digital motorsport. They have established themselves as the official sim racer organization, aproved by DASU, the national autosport union.

For this race, their ESR intro series will run 2 GT3 BMW M4. Emil will stream from ESR #2 on Twitch


  • Lasse Hejlskov
  • Thomas Mørk
  • Mathias Sørensen
  • Victor Wolfsohn


I am sure that there are many more that i have missed, and in case that you want your team or car to be included here, let me know and i will get it in there as soon as possible


I will sneak in two more teams that I will be keeping an eye on, even tough they have no Danish participation.


Team Racebook I have had some good races against, and even joined in on one race at Silverstone.

They will join in with a GT3 M4 BMW, and share the stint between 5 drivers. 3 of them will stream the race!

Eclipse Racing Team

Eclipse racing has a special place in my heart and i really enjoy their community even though I am not very active in it. They have a very strong bond, and all the people that i know from the team are really good folks!

They will run the race in 3 cars

Team #1


Team #3

Lamborgini GT3


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