Compared to last Dice Challenge, where there basically only where 2-3 realistic options to race in E222 this time we’re moving up to the opposite problem. Too many options and possibilities with this one. The Dice Challenge is very simple. We roll the dice every two weeks, get a random value and you race cars tuned to that value against your friends, club, team etc.

Last week, the guys at FACR raced in E222 and even though almost all cars were Abarths 595, it was a lot of close and intense racing. Make sure to check out the recap and video from that! If you don’t already have friends to race against, you can go ahead and join them. They are a bunch of good, casual but competitive drivers!


New Dicechallenge

This time around, the dice have been rolled, and the value for the next two weeks will be A677. This is at the higher end of the possible range (Max value can be 899) so we’ll be going fast compared to other Dice Challenges. Non the less, there are some really great cars to choose from and the variety is going to be wider


What to do with it?

The only thing you need, is friends to race against!

  • If you are part of a team, group or just a bunch of friends messing around, you can go ahead an have your own races with an A677 car! You can either all stick to a spec car that you agree on, or race individually tuned A677 cars.
  • If you are in a larger forum like TORA, ORL or simmilar, ask them to run a series with these cars! We’ll be posting new values every 2 weeks, so there are plenty of options to do several events with each. A new idea at FACR is to allow for a margin of 10-15 PI points, and race stock cars in that range, to save the trouble and time with upgrading, tuning and testing
  • Are you playing solo? Then you can do some Hot Lap challenges, and maybe post your results here in the comments bellow, or in the groups you are part of.
  • If you have a Youtube or a streaming channel, it could be great fun to do a short session, describing your upgrade and tuning choices, as well as some laps in your chosen car.

It’s all up to you. The only thing you need to do, is tell us about it, so that we can tell others how great you are!

New challenge @ 14-01-2017 9am GMT

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