DiceChallenge ideas

What the Dice Challenge is

The Dice Challenge is a Rookie Raceline exclusive, and a series that we are very proud to present to all of our readers. We don’t actually run any events on this, but it’s a biweekly random base value to set up new and unique challenges for you and your friends, audience, group or even league.

The idea is simple. Every two weeks, we get a random PI number, using a special set of dice (1xD8 and 2xD10). This gives a value between 099 – 899 but we’ll re-roll the dice if the value is bellow 150 because the cars in Forza that are bellow that, are not really worth racing.

It is up to you to do whatever you want to with it, but we already have some good examples bellow, based on what others have been doing.

If you have friends

Racing is always more fun, if you are racing with friends, and most groups are open to new and creative challenges. If you are part of a group, league or series, these could be some cool ways of racing cars you are not used to. You’ll be surprised at how close, fun and challenging it can be, to race cars that are not the most obvious picks for racing.

Tune your own car

This is the easiest way to use the Dice Challenge if you have a dedicated group of racers who want to put the effort into tuning their own car to a specific value and bringing it to race against other cars of equal PI value. Just set up a race, and let racers pick and tune a car to the PI value of the Dice Challenge. This will often require some time and effort from racers, but can be a lot of fun if done propperly!

Pretuned Sellection

To save time (and frustration) an easier way to run these events could be to have a selection of pre-tuned cars for drivers to pick from. This limits the freedom of selecting any car you want, but also allows for easier entry and to flatten the competition. There are many ways to use this, by either running all available tunes at the same time, ot sticking to a spec grid for each track.

Stock Spec/Margin Racing

Forza has a huge number of cars and the Dice Challenge value will often match one of them. We’ll mention in the Dice Challenge post, if any stock cars match, but a more flexible idea is to race stock cars withing a specific margin from the Dice Challenge. For example, you could set a margin of 10 PI points, and limit the available cars to +/-10 from the Dice Challenge value. This often opens up for some interesting racing and car choices.

If you have an audience

Even though you may not be able to convince your friends to race the Dice Challenges above, you can still have fun making videos, posts or game content based on it.

Hot Lap Challenge

The most self explanatory concept is to pick a car, tune it to the PI value of the Dice Challenge and let your audience try to do the same. They could either tune their own car to the same value or use your tune. This often leads to high user engagement, and comments, as they often will reply with their own lap times and feedback

How To

The dice challenge can be a mine for content creation. You can use it to explaining how and why you tune the car the way you do, to explaining how and why the car handles the way it does or how to take it around a specific track. These can be very educational for especially new racers, to learn how to prioritize upgrades and how to fine tune them

History Lessons

The Dice Challenge will often pin point a random car within Forza. We’ll let you know in the biweekly Dice Challenge post when this happens. You could pick that car, to do a video, post or even an event, describing what this car is good for, how to best use it, or some back ground info that people most likely will find interesting

It’s good fun

Many people have had some good fun with the dice challenge. Among the best ones we know of, are the #222 (check out the video)  that was arranged though FACR, and the pretuned spec races at #479 with 3 cars tuned by Tank000001. There are many ways to use this, and if you do, you might be surprised at how close and competitive racing can be, even with cars you wouldn’t think were too much fun to race.

Let us know what you and your friends come up with, and we’ll do our best to promote it (and maybe even get you new friends!)