After jumping in to Project Cars 2, i have been very frustrated by the new License Card that it uses. This is meant to show three characteristics of the player, but many seem to struggle to understand what these things are, and how to use them.

First thing you’ll need to understand, is that the license card is just a tool in the game, that arguably get better and more precise the more you and others use it. It is one of the few features of the game that numerically give you a feeling of progress in the game, but it is not meant to, so don’t try to improve it. It’s more like a status of your current reputation you have in the game.

The license is made up of 3 elements. A letter, a number and a color. What really matters, in my opinion, is the letter.

The letter

The value of the first letter on your driving license, represents what Project Cars 2 calls Racecraft. This is a combined value of how safe and well behaved you are on the track. This will get better or worse, depending on how much contact you have with other cars, AI, walls or even how often you leave the track. The worst level (and the one you start off in) is U. Some have speculated that this stands for unclassified, but as far as i could understand, you can end up in U, even if you are bad enough to be downgraded from F.

Besides U, drivers can have a value between F and A, with an additional super clean racecraft of S. A and S are the cleanest and safest drivers around. The real reason why this value matters the most, is because you’ll want to join public lobbies where this letter is set as high as possible in the level restriction. This will give the cleanest and safest races and improve your experience of the game. Also the higher this value is, the lower the chance of your value dropping because of unexpected incidents on the track.


The number

The number value of the license, describes what Project Cars call skill. This might be misleading, because very unskilled drivers can have a high number, by winning against drivers who try to drive safely. Non the less, it represents how you rank against other drivers, and how often you win or lose. This is a relative value, that improves or decreases depending on who you win or lose against.

If you win against drivers that you wouldn’t have a chance against, the number will increase faster, where as if you win against drivers that you ought to win easily, it won’t increase much. This number should be very dynamic, and change often, depending on what races you join.

Note that you’ll lose a lot of points for quitting (or getting disconnected) so even if you’ll lose the race, it’s best to stick around to the end, and get a smaller point deduction than just quitting (also it’s more respectful to other drivers).

The color

The color of the license is, in my opinion, what matters the least. This is simply an indicator of how long you have spent on the game, and nothing else. This is called seniority, and at the moment doesn’t mean much. Most drivers are blue or bronze, but in the future it will be easier to see who is new to the game and who is more experienced. People learn in different tempos though, so don’t put too much into this color.

It’s just a number

What it all boils down to, is that this license doesn’t mean much. You are not better or worse for having a high or low number, but personally, i’ll like you more if you are a C than if you are an F. When joining public lobbies try to join sessions where this letter is set to at least E for best results and to keep your own reputation safe. The number will rise and fall and although it will display a higher value if you are really competitive, it doesn’t show how you got to that value.

Instead of focusing on your license, just focus on one race at a time, and at getting better with the car on the specific track. This will ultimately give you a better license but also let you enjoy the game more.


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I've been hooked on racing games, ever since the Burnout series back in the late 90s and after going through some painful years trying to learn the F1 series games, i am now hooked on Forza. I am not the fastest on the track, and not a fanatic, but i enjoy sim racing a lot, and try to get better and faster.

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