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2016-09-02-14.08.48Personally, i am by no means a hardware fanatic, and definetelly not an expert on this area. I bought the xBox One Elite controller, only because it felt really really nice when i got it in my hands, and because i had to buy a new controller anyway, because the bottons of my original controller started getting stuck, after i accidentally poured coffee on them (just a few drops!)

So i went down to Gamestop, and had a little talk with them. After a short conversation, they put an Etite controller in my hands, and imidiatelly after that, my only consideration was if i should buy it brand new or preowned. The weight and texture of the thing is just fanstastic, and the details put into it are awesome.

There are 3 reasons why i like this controller for racing, besides the build quality and the way it feels in my hands.

Interchangeable Joysticks

One of the most important helps i’ve gotten with this controller, is the option to chose between different joysticks. These are magnetic, and you simply pull them out, and slide a longer or shorter on into the slot. This allows you to choose the lingth of joystick that suits you. For me, i went with the longest one, to allow for more controll and finer adjustements when steering. The theory in this, is that because of the added length, you’ll need to do larger movements to the stick, to get the hairline adjustements that some times are needed in fast corners, straights or when you are overtaking. The theoretical downside of this, should be that you’ll be moving this frantically in tight and technical tracks, and that your steering might become a bit slower, because you have to moove the joystick a longer distance on sharp turns. This does not seem to be an issue though, at least not for me. We’re down to very fine details and really only considering fractions of seconds here, so this might be more important for the hardcore users. They’re probably using a steering wheel anyway, so not a biggie.

Backside Paddles

I didn’t know this, before i saw the controller, but it has 4 paddle styled inputs in the back. Two large and two small ones. These are made of metal too, and can easilly be removed, or interchanged to suit your needs. Just pull them off, or slide them in. The magnet will keep them in place. The idea behind these, is to use them for gear up and gear down controlls. I haven’t practiced on this yet, just tried it a little bit, but removed them again, because i couldn’t get used to changing gears like that, during the 15 minutes i tested it. I am sure that with a little bit of practice, they would be really great for gear shifts, and would even make clutch use easier.

Better Audio Jack

I was having problems with my audio to the headset with my original controller, and was considering a better headset than my current one. It seemed like the jack stick was loose, and i had to turn it ever so slightly for my microphone to go through.  After i changed to the elite controller, i have had no problems at all. This may come down to a defect on my original controller, or better build of the elite controller, but non the less, it saved me from buying a new headset, and i am happy for that!



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Arguably, the best part besides the hardware, are all the settings.
Use the Xbox Accessories app to configure the controller, and finetune the settings that you prefere. This is an app that you can even use for your standard Xbox controller, but after installing the Elite Controller, you’ll have even more settings to adjust adn finetune.

It even has a Forza 6 Preset, that loads the commonly used settings. But you’d want to take a look into this, and finetune it to your liking

Take a look at this Guide for more information

Extras that you may enjoy

This controller is obviously built for shooter games, and it has some pretty cool features that are useless for racing, but you may enjoy when you run around shooting other players. You can set the trigger distance to travel a lot shorter for firing your guns. This might be practical in shooter games, but will limmit your feel for braking and accelleration.
Also you can cofigure 2 different profiles for the controller. I have not dived into this too much, but it might be helpfull to switch between racing and shooter games.
Besides changing the joysticks, you can also change the arrows controll. This is metal too, and can simply be clicked off, and replaced with a solid metal disc. I use this one, simply because it looks great, and maybe is a little bit easier to use when you are in the heat of a race.

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