Festival of Speed

Humble Bundle Speed

Although most of us are tired of saying no to offers we can’t refuse, some times you end up saying yes to something you’d normally have said no to!

Festival of Speed

I accidentally found a link to Humble Bundle, where they mentioned that a lot of racing games were on offer. Nowadays I’m more or less done buying racing games. I spend most of my time on iRacing, and the time I don’t I spend on Assetto Corsa.

Nontheless, i went through the games and DLC on sale, and was tempted way harder than i had expected! Especially F1 2018 was tempting, witjh 40% off and Dirt 4 too, with 75% off!

What i couldn’t refuse, was Dirt Rally for €7 with a massive 80% off!

How does it work?

Humble Bundle simply sells you the license to the game. You actually install and run your game through Steam like you most likely already do. They simply can do some good offers that often beat the price that Steam offers.

Simply buy it through Humble Bundle, and they will send you a mail with an activation key, that will add the bought game to your library. It’s very easy, simple and fast!

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