Yeah.. that’s a lot of abreviations! Find Five Friday used to be a favourite back when I started this blog, but kind of died when i left Forza, as my system is not strong enough to take great pictures. Luckilly there are great sim photographers around willing to sponsor their images for this! This is the rebirth of a classic and what a restart!

ERT stands for Eclipse Racing Team. They are a bunch of very down to earth and laid back sim racers, who I have had the absolute joy to join for more than a few endurance races. The pictures is from one of their Audi TCR races in the official iRacing series, and it features their amazing livery that they have on most of the cars that they race.

You can follow ERT on Twitter ERT_Racing or join their discord server. Have a talk with one of the admins if you want to join the team, but you are also welcome to just hang out.


Using the awesome shot that ERT donated, I have made two versions of the same image, with 5 differences that are visible, but hard to find. Can you spot them?

Give it a go, and if you’re still struggling, the format bellow might make it a bit easier to spot the differences. Just slide the divider from one side to an other, to see each image.

Are you still struggling to find all 5 differences? Here is the solution:

I must again thank Eclipse Racing Team for the image. Give them a follow and maybe a cheer when you see them on track!

You can get in touch if you want your image featured in one of my Find Five Friday challenges!

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