Find Five Friday Dirt Rally Version

Dirt Rally has been announced for early 2019 and many people are excited about this. I did test a few Rally games a year back or so, and found out that it was way too tough for me, but i love the sound, look and feel of Rally!

I’m maybe just as excited to hear about these games, as some are to try them, especially considering they come from Codemasters, who seem to really deliver on the pretty specific genres they cover. The first version of Dirt Rally has been iconic so expectations are high. The F1 series that they also do, are understandably becoming increasingly more and more popular, as they also get better and better! Our last Find Five Friday F1, was actually also from a Codemasters game!

Today we have used a fantastic image directly from Codemasters, of what i assume is an Audi S1 Rallycross. We have changed 5 details in this image. Can you spot them?

Find the Five diferences

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So…. you seem to have encountered one of the following cases

  • You truly can’t find the last few differences
  • You gave up too early, without really trying
  • You haven’t even looked, but just want to see the differences

Non the less, here you go. The 5 differences are highlighted with red arrows

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