For this weeks’ FindFiveFriday, you’ll be looking at a beautiful Lotus 77 GP car from 1976. Even though the livery on this car is a Forza Design, that did not not exist in real life, this car is based on the #5 car, that Mario Andretti raced in 1976 with Lotus.

For some background info, Andretti did not like this car. The design of the car, was meant to allow for many adjustments, depending on the track they would be racing, but because of the lack of experience with so many possible configurations, the ideal set up was rarely achieved. Did you know that Andretti skipped the 1976 Monaco race, to compete in Indianapolis 500?

Take a good look at these two images of the Adjustacar, and see if you can spot the 5 differences between them. If you are struggling with the last few, you’ll find the solution bellow

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I've been hooked on racing games, ever since the Burnout series back in the late 90s and after going through some painful years trying to learn the F1 series games, i am now hooked on Forza. I am not the fastest on the track, and not a fanatic, but i enjoy sim racing a lot, and try to get better and faster.

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