Find Five Friday with a Mazda MX5

The Mazda MX5 might be the most popular and used car on iRacing, but this picture is taken on Forza 6, back when i was beginning to take sim racing a bit more serious than just bumbercars. This was probably my favorite car on Forza and besides the Honda S2000 my car of choice for what they called C class. Out of the 17 Mazda cars on Forza 6, 6 of them were MX5s’ of some sort (one of them a DLC). It is an iconic, beautiful and fun car to drive.

For this challenge, you’ll have to spot 5 differences between the two pictures but this time it might be harder than what you might be used to from our other Find Five Friday challenges. If you find your self struggling with the last few, you’ll find the solution bellow the image


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