This might be my favorite car on Forza and besides the Honda S2000 is my car of choice for C class. Out of the 17 Mazda cars on Forza 6, 6 of them are MX5s’ of one sort of an other (one of them a DLC). It is an iconic, beautiful and fun car to drive.

For this challenge, you’ll have to spot 5 differences between the two but this time it might be harder than our usual Find Five Challenges. If you find your self struggling with the last few, you’ll find the solution bellow the image


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I've been hooked on racing games, ever since the Burnout series back in the late 90s and after going through some painful years trying to learn the F1 series games, i am now hooked on Forza. I am not the fastest on the track, and not a fanatic, but i enjoy sim racing a lot, and try to get better and faster.

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