FindFiveFriday Ford Fiesta (5xF!)

This Friday we’re going all in with Fs’.
It’s our weekly FndFiveFriday, but this time with a Ford Fiesta, inspired by all the Fun we’ve had with 7 Motorsport (THR Starbuck) Lobby Take over. The idea is pretty simple. A bunch of guys join a random C Class multiplayer lobby, using the same car and tune, and compete against oblivious racers. It is way more fun that it sounds, and actually maybe a tiny little push, to educate the public about clean racing! Kudos to 7 Motorsport for the idea! Make sure to follow him over at Youtube

For this week, you’lle need to sport the 5 differences in this Ford Fiesta that we used in one of his Lobby Take overs. If you struggle with the last few, you can find the solution bellow the image

Can you spot 5 differences between these two images?

If you’ve had a go and can’t find the last few, you’ll find the solutions highlighted bellow. If you liked this challenge, take a look at some more Find Five Friday challenges here.

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