Find Five Friday Ferrari

For this Find Five Friday challenge, we have found a picture of a Ferrari F50 taken by a PSN player called SKGMD. Although i personally don’t have any experience with Gran Turismo Sport, the photos that get posted from this game are simply exceptional! This is one of them, and you would not think it was a Playstation Render when you first cast your eyes on it.

Try looking a bit more at this picture, and see if you can find five differences between the two versions bellow.

Click on the image above to see a larger version that might make it easyer to spot the differences. When you’ve tried your best, and maybe still can’t find the last few differences, you’ll find the answer bellow

Highlighted Solution

If you like this kind of challenges, you’ll find a lot more here. Also if you líke photographing cars in games or sim platforms, we’d love to feature your pictures here. We simply need beautiful pictures, with good details, and proper lightning. You can share your pictures with us here.

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