Focus Reset

As you must know by now, I have spend most of the past half year, racing on iRacing. This is not so important. What is new for me, through iRacing, is that now i can measure my performance, and compare against others in a different way than i could before.

I used to race random races before. I basically just sat down, logged into any game I felt like racing, and browsed around until i found a session that i could join. This way I could race a Ford Escort RS1600 as easily as I could race the LMP1 Audi R18 E-TRON. This gave me a huge variation, and really never got boring. On the other hand, I could also blame my performance to me either not liking/knowing the car, the other drivers being better than average or even that they had better setups and were used to this car.

iRacing has cleared all this up, and exposed my true performance!

What happened

A few weeks back, I had been down with a cold or a flu. I wasn’t really sick, just feeling off. I did race as much as i usually do, but i really wasn’t performing as I should. I did so bad, that half of the races i joined, I had to retire, due to accidents, and the ones I did complete, I finished bellow expectations. The true problem though, was that I just joined races that i had not prepared for. Long endurance races, with cars that I really didn’t know, and against people that really did! GT3 cars might sound easy, but they can also be very easy to mess up, if you are trying to push them to the limit, without knowing where the limit it.

So the result was that i lost a whole lot of iRating, and my Safety Rating dropped to C. On top of this, because it was the end of the season, my division is not locked to Division 8 for the next full season. This is the most embarrassing part for me, but maybe also the best way to get back up again.

Recovering from a bad week 13

The Plan

My plan now, is to stick to one, maybe two series, and really focus on that. If I really don’t mind what I race then I can as well just race one car, and get good at it. The series that I’m sticking to, is the Skip Barber Series, and for this week, it has been in Lime Rock. A track that for me, is notorious for making me crash, either against other drivers or spin off the track.

Non the less, I have currently done a few practice runs, and 4 races, leaving me with over 150 laps on this track with this car, just in the last 3 days! This is a lot of repetition, and i am now beginning to notice the small differences that really do make a difference in the end. I am now a lot more confodent on this track, especially on turn 1-2 and the uphill turn 5 (not to mention the crest right after it). For now, I can pretty consistently do mid 58 sec laps but my aim is mid 57 sec. The top splits, seem to be doing 57 in the races, but it is a very short track, so even a few tenths, can be really hard to shave off.

Isn’t it boring?

My biggest concern is, that this will get boring, but to be honest, not getting any better was boring too. Yeah its fun to try different cars, and i still will, but i really like getting to know that one car, and that one track perfectly well. For now, i think this will work alright! I might join in on a few Fixed Ferrari Challenges just to break off the monotony, but i have also considered racing some Assetto Corsa instead, whenever i want a new and lighthearted challenge.

Wish me luck in my new plan, and let me know what you think of my new approach to racing!

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