If you are a seasoned Forza player on Xbox, and have had an eye for Project Cars to add some more challenge, you’ll need a short introduction. We’ve put together a few points that you’ll want to consider before jumping into it. This will save you and prepare you for the frustration, challenge and fun that you probably will encounter, mainly using a controler.

It’s not Forza

Don’t expect to be good at Project Cars, if you’re good at Forza. Also don’t try to get the controller set ups or tune cars to feel like Forza because they won’t. The best approach is to start from scratch. My mistake was to take a car i knew from Forza, to a track i knew from Forza and compare. Honestly there is nothing to compare.. It could as well have been two different tracks and two different cars. Just be humble, and start from scratch. Make slow laps, learn the car, the track, the surface and then add speed.

Career mode is not a Tutorial

Unlike many games, including Forza, the career mode is not for beginners. I made the mistake, when i first tried Project Cars, almost a year ago, and jump into career mode, get massively disappointed and blame it on the game, controller settings etc. The best place to be, is free practice or time trials. Spend a lot of time there, learning the cars and tracks on all weather. Once you are comfortable, do it some more… The career and even the single race events can be tough to do. Once you feel you can handle the car and track, try challenging your self on Single Race events. These are good challenges, where you can get some good practice against AI drivers. Don’t be ashamed of competing against easy AI. I am currently battling them at level 50-60 and they are a handful!

Pick the easy cars

You already know that some cars on Forza are harder to drive than others. It’s the same in Project cars. There is no reason to jump in the deep end and get disappointed or discouraged. The easy cars are not what you would expect though. In Forza the easy cars are slow street cars. For me, the easiest cars on Project Cars, that felt closest to what i was used to on Forza are:

  • RUF RGT8 GT3
  • BMW z4 GT3
  • BMW M3 GT3
  • McLaren C12 GT3
  • Ginetta 55 GT3

Pick one of those, and do some slow laps around a track you don’t know. This will force you to be more aware of the turns, and not expect the car to handle a certain way. The main key here is for you to get used to how the cars handle and how the track translates into handling

Use manual gears

Even though automatic gears are an option in Project cars, it is useless in the game. If the revs make your car change gears mid turn, it will probably send your car spinning. Honestly, if you don’t use manual gears, i am not sure this game is for you. Don’t try using clutch though. It doesn’t work the same way it does on Forza. There might be a work around for this, but it seems like this mainly is a feature for wheel users.

Don’t waste time

I’ve spent hours figuring out the right controller settings and trying to make cars behave on track as they would on Forza. Be open minded, adjust your driving to the car, and the way the game works. It’s doable, but much more demanding than you would have thought, if you are coming from Forza.
If you drive one of the easy cars mentioned above, you should be able to keep it on track, with more or less the default car settings and these controller settings. If you can’t, don’t try to change things so that you can. You might be able to improve some aspects, but honestly, you just need to practice and get used to the new game. It basically feels like changing from eating with a fork, to eating with chopsticks.. You need to be much more delicate with inputs than you are used to. I’ve noticed that you spend very little time with the joystick or the throttle fully on. Most of the time you’ll need to be feathering the inputs. This is a huge difference, compared to how you drive cars on Forza.

Don’t use chase view

On Forza, i mostly run chase view – the one behind the car. On Project Cars i can’t! It looks and feels too skittish and shaky. Get used to the cockpit view, bonnet or roof view. I usually run cockpit view, but as the side mirrors are not very visible or helpful, it can be risky while racing. I usually jump to roof view for races and especially if its a rainy day.
To compensate for the lacking use of side mirrors, you could try an app for your phone, called CrewChief. It runs on your phone, and will update you with radio messages from the pit wall, about traffic around your car, and other important information.

Start easy

My best advice is to start slow and easy. Pick one of the easy cars from above and go to a short track that you preferably don’t know from Forza. Not knowing the track, will force you to be careful and more observant. Many of the tracks that you already know, won’t feel familiar anyway. Pick a flat track, because there you won’t need to take care of losing grip on down hill slopes or crests. An excellent choice could be Snetterton 100. It is mostly flat (only one crest that is a little tricky) and has a good variation of basic corners to practice on.
Run as many laps as you need, to get used to the layout, and slowly add speed each time around. I have done hundreds of laps already, and still manage to go off at corners where i try too hard (and i’m not even fast yet!)
We’ll be posting a series of Beat a Rookie challenges for you to confirm your progress. They are basically just my best laps, on a track with an easy car, right after i manage to consistently keep it on the track. They are good milestones for you to reach, but far from good lap times.

All in all it’s all about your approach to the game. If you are expecting this to be a Forza styled up-step, you’ll be disappointed. If you pick it up and start from scratch, learning how to drive and follow some of the advice above, you’ll have a great time!

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I've been hooked on racing games, ever since the Burnout series back in the late 90s and after going through some painful years trying to learn the F1 series games, i am now hooked on Forza. I am not the fastest on the track, and not a fanatic, but i enjoy sim racing a lot, and try to get better and faster.

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