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If you happen to be coming into project cars with basic racing experience under your belt and you’re hoping to become an even better racer, i’ll be honest with you, you’re in for a rather steep learning curve in Project Cars but non the less very rewarding. Don’t be deterred if you feel you’re going backwards compared to other games, or you don’t see results fast. It is actually possible, and can be a lot of fun, even with a controller. You’ll need a lot of patience though. It is not a game you just pick up and can be competitive from the start. Take your time and enjoy the process of becoming fast. It will take some time.

Not a simple game.

There is one thing you have to bare in mind when it comes to Project Cars. It is not Need for Speed, The Crew or Forza Horizon. Instead, it is closer to a full on racing simulator, hence the learning curve. If you are attempting Project Cars with a controller, you will soon realize that you got a bigger challenge than you bargained for but yet again it is actually possible. Some of the fastest times on the leaderboards are set with a controller, so it should be achievable. That said, i haven’t tried it with a wheel, so i can’t tell you if it would be equally difficult to learn using one.

I have about a decade of casual console racing under my belt, as well as working on real life cars and being an engineering student. I decided i would lend a hand and give you my advice on how to approach this game, based on my experiences, since this is sort of my chosen field of expertise and passion.

Driving on project cars

Now the first thing i suggest you do when getting into the game is play around with some basic cars in the free practice mode. This will give you a feel for the game and how exactly it works. Don’t set your sites on doing blistering laps or anything like that. Just go around a track slowly and get a feel of the controls, the track and how the cars reacts to your inputs. Bear in mind that brakes and tires need to warm up before you can use them propperly. The brakes can require a whole lap or even more, before they are up to temperature. Most of the GT3 cars are good starter cars and the easiest are probably the McLaren C12 GT3, BMW Z4 GT3 and even the BMW M3 GT3. The Formula C can be pretty good as well.  The track you pick is also important to your progress. Start off with an easy, more or less flat track, that preferrably is short. Hockenheim, Nurnburgring GP, Monza or Zhuhai are good tracks to start on.

The big question about Settings

Once you have explored and messed around to your hearts content you’re going to want to find the options and help tab. This is in the menu to the right of the play now screen. Head into the controls menu and find the edit assignments menu by using the Right or Left Trigger. Set your specific assignments to your chosen buttons. If you are used to the clutch on Forza, start by skipping this on Project Cars. This is mainly a feature for a wheel, and will probably not work as you’re used to, in on Project Cars.

Once you’re done, go to the configuration menu. This is where the tricky stuff come in. You generally what your deadzones quite small, usually about 10 or less is what i would advise for all of them if you’re using a controller. The sensitivity settings however depend on your driving style. This is where you are going to have to experiment and find out what you best prefer for your driving style. If you want a basic set up that works (but may not be perfect) check out our initial setting right here.

When changing your controller settings, I would advise that you stick with the same car and track. This way you will be able to get a clearer understanding of what effect your changes have instead of it comming down to the different track or car handling. When you settle with a set up, you can adjust each car to your liking. If you find the car is over reacting to your steering inputs, go back to the pit box on the track, select edit tuning setup, then go through the pages, using the Left- or Right Trigger buttons until you find the alignment page.  Here you can increase or decrease the steering ratio for that specific car until you are happy with the way it feels. Now you are all set to start racing and improving your skills on Project Cars. Start pushing your limits, to find out where you have pushed too hard. One of the first things you’ll notice, is spinning off the track on corner exits. Try going slower, and be more gentle with the throttle.

Good luck, and have patience on your journey into Project Cars.

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I have about a decades worth of various console racing under my belt, as well as working on real life cars and being an engineering student,and restoring cars in my spare time,anything automotive has my undivided attention.

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