GT Sport challenge

This is a first, but definitely not the last! I have used a pictures from GT Sport on Playstation, that has some awesome photography features. The picture is donated by the Instagram user clement.f1 who shares in-game photos from Gran Turismo Sport and ACC.

Can you find all 5 differences between these two images?

I am terrible at identifying ars, but these two look like the classic beauties of Lamborghini Huracan GT3 and Ferrari 488 (Do correct me if I’m wrong!)

If you still can’t spot all 5 differences, have a go at this image comparison tool that hopefully can help you spot the last few.

Thank you once more for visiting, and having at go at this challenge! Please go follow Clement.F1 and also myself if you’re on Instagram. Also if you have any good images from any racing game, that you’d like me to use for these Find Five Friday challenges, please get in touch.

Bellow you will find the solutions for this Fridays challenge

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