HMHM at Daytona

For this Find Five Friday challenge, I have used an image of the HMHM LMP2 car at Daytona Road course. It is an image I used to make some graphics for the stream of AllinOlsen who races with them. HMHM stands for Half Men Half Machine. They are a group of grown up, passionate but laid back Danish simracers who have slowly and sellectively been growing their community to participate mainly in the official special events of iRacing as well as some VRS endurance and EES (ELMS) series.

I have edited 5 details on these two images, but can you spot them all?

I promise that i haven’t edited out any of the people in the grand stands, and that none of the 5 differences are dirt specks from the 24hrs race. You might find the comparison tool bellow helpful if you’re still struggling with the last couple of differences.

While you’re having one last got at this, I want to thank you once more for visiting, and getting frustrated at my Find Five Friday challenges. If you want to have your car/image/team featured here, please do get in touch! I’d love to have a go at it!

Bellow you’ll find the solution to this Fridays challenge!

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