How to add a shared graphic

To your design

You can add shared graphics to your car!

Over at 2O4F, Vince was asking how upload a custom graphic from an USB stick and into Forza, to use on a car paint job. This was one of the first things that really amazed me with Forza, when i started painting cars. There is no such feature. All paints and illustrations (even the most realistic and advanced images) seem to be made up of those standard shapes. Painters, or rather artists, will rotate, skew, stretch, and overlap those shapes, as well as change opacy, to get exactly what they want for their work. This usually takes hours or even days to make something that looks photo-realistic!

Luckily, Vince wanted to upload a DHL logo! Even though this should be a straight away and relatively easy graphic to make, somebody already has made this, and shared for everybody to use. Here we’ll show you how!


You’ll need to go and add vinyl to the car you want to style



Click on add layer

Click on add layer



Apply a vinyl layer


Use the earch button (look at red arrow above)

Use the search button (look at red arrow above)


Insert your search criteria (in this case DHL)

Insert your search criteria (in this case DHL)



Insert, resize and move the layer to suit

This is it! If somebody already has made the graphic you want to add to your design, this will save you tons of work! To add the same graphic on other spots of the car, you can copy/paste the raphic, by highlighting it, and using cut/insert, to temporarily remove and reinsert the graphic. Now change view, to the back, hood, front etc, and press insert, to insert a copy.

There are limitations to this feature though. Using a shared graphic, locks your design so you can’t share it! You’ll be able to use it for your own races or photos, but you won’t be able to share the car design, for others to use. If you want to do that, you’ll need to make the graphic from scratch


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