It’s the start of the ForzaRC and launched with a spec rivals event on Catalunya National, in the 911 Turbo 3.3 from 1982. This is an awesome looking car, that has been called the worse car in the game. Non the less, the ForzaRC is on, and lap times are being set already.

After a few frustrating runs, getting used to the car and no braking line (an other controversial rule) i decided to take a look at the laps the fastest guys are setting. It turns out that it’s not all about being fast, but equally a question of staying inside track limits that you can’t see. To be fast, you need to cross the white track lines, but not the invisible lines that the game has set as the threshold between a clean or dirty lap.

Here, we’ll be pointing out the top 9 spots where most of the fastest drivers exploit this. All images are taken from clean laps on the top of the Rivals leaderboard for ForzaRC. We’re not pointing this out as cheating, because it is how Forza works. It’s just a different aspect to racing, that in this case is equally important as other aspects of racing. It is the same for all drivers and fully clean inside Forza, as Forza does not punish it.

The first point where you’ll notice top drivers exploit the track limits, but maintain a clean lap, is the exit of turn 1. Here, you’ll want to dive deep inside the turn, and straighten your exit, in order to prepare for the upcoming left turn up the hill.

The next area where most fast drivers will track extend is the exit of turn two. Here you can let your car cross the line, and ride the curb as well as the grass, letting you accelerate in a straight line up the hill. This allows you to maintain a much higher speed through turn 2

At the top of the hill, there is a tricky right hand turn, that loses grip, because the car gets lighter when it reaches the crest of the hill climb. Here you can brake slightly early, and attach the corner slightly more aggressively than the lines allow. This makes it easier to keep the car on the track at the corner exit


This leads up to the soft S’es. These are a right and a left turn, that can slow you down a lot if you stay within the lines. You can cut the entry corner quite a lot, but stay away from the gravel as this might dirty your lap, or spin throw your car off track.

The exit of the S’es might be the most important part of this section though, as cutting this right, will let you accellerate faster, without risking going into a fishtail, or off the track on the right side when you enter the straight section right after it.


You can cut the hairpin into the twisty part of the track, but most fast drivers prefer not to. It seems like they prefer braking slightly later on the straight, but extending across the lines at the corner exit.


The hairpin leads up to a long but tight right hand turn, where you will need to pump the throttle, in order to get it right. If you go a little bit too fast, you’ll end up in the gravel at the left side of the track at the exit of the corner. Here you can cut the corner slighly on the inside, and straighten your exit up, to avoid this.

The next 3 turns are the most obvious cuts that the fast drivers will use. This one, is the right hand turn, that leads up to the chicanes. You can cut this, to either maintain your speed, or to prepare for the chicane section, by sticking to the right.


The chicane is the most tricky area to cut. You can completely ignore the lines on the track, but it is extremely difficult to figure out where the real Forza lines are. Also the walls extend slightly more than what they seem to. Non the less, you can easily ride the red sausage shaped strip.

The exit of the chicane, is slightly easier to cut, because you’re already going pretty slowly. Cut this very aggressively, but stay clean of the wall for a safe cut. This and the next corner are time-mines, giving or taking many tenths, depending on how early you can go full throttle.

For the last corner of the track, that leads down to the finish/start line, is very important to get on the throttle as fast as possible. Usually you’ll have to slightly lift at the corner apex, to avoid going off the track at the corner exit. If you cut the corner slightly on the right hand side, you can maintain higher speed, and at best avoid having to lift off

There is more

There are certainly other spots where you can gain a whole lot of time, by exceeding the white lines, but these are the most commonly used. Let us know in the comments bellow if you have other tricks for racing the car on this track. This is not cheating, as it is inside Forza, and Forza does not punish it. You’ll get dirty laps by many things, that don’t make sense so it might be fair that it also works the other way around. Note that all these cuts, would invalidate the lap in real life or many other games

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I've been hooked on racing games, ever since the Burnout series back in the late 90s and after going through some painful years trying to learn the F1 series games, i am now hooked on Forza. I am not the fastest on the track, and not a fanatic, but i enjoy sim racing a lot, and try to get better and faster.

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