How to do it on the corners

Overtaking in Corners

There are two places to overtake on the track. On a corner or on a straight.
Even though pasing other cars on a straight is pretty straight forward, there are some aspects you’ll need to consider. But it is pretty simple.

Passing on a corner can be quite tricky though, and if you want to keep it clean and legal, there are some things that you need to know before diving in on the driver infront.

Inside or Outside

Should you pass on the inside or the outside? This is not always an easy choice. Generally, passing on the inside is easyer, because you need to travel a shorter distance to get through the corner.

This is often where the race line is though, so don’t expect to have easy access to inside overtakes. The only chance you have to take an inside line for an overtake, is by outbraking the driver infront, while you place your car on the inside.

For the outside line, you’ll need to be a lot faster than the car in front. Also you’ll need to have good grip and controll of the car. Consider the risks of the car infront, crashing into you, as it is exiting the corner. You’ll risk being side-bumbed by the car you’re overtaking, because they expect to be able to keep the racing line out of the corner.

Corner Rights

Some times, you can outbrake the car infront, when approaching a corner. This means that even before you enter the corner, you are infront and can take the racing line. Most often you’ll have the other car in the way though, and weel need to adjust accordingly.

In theory, as long as part of your car is in front of the other car, before that car begins its’ turning move, then you have the right for the corner. That said, you need to be in controll of your car, before claiming the corner. In real life racing, there are marshals, officials and technology, that will keep an eye on these things. We don’t have this when racing online, so better be safe than rude. Make sure you are at least half a car length in front of the other car, before assuming that the corner is yours.

It’s up to you

As the driver doing the overtake attempt, its’s up to you tomake sure it’s safe. Just because you’re faster, does not give you the right to bumb into the slower driver, or ruin others races.

Make sure you only attempt an overtake, when you know you can pull it off safelly and cleanly. Spend a few turns behind the other driver, and notice how they exit the corners or where the weak points are. This way you will be able to predict where they will be when you attempt the over take.

The car you attemt to passe, has the right to one defencive move. This means that you can expect the car to change posission on track, in order to defend. This is one more reason to stay behind the car a few turns, to figure out how the driver defends, and if they follow the one move rule.

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