iRacing Renewal Offer

If you’re into iRacing, or if you have been, now is the time to consider extending or renewing your subscription to the service. The company has just issued two discount codes that will give you 30% off your next 12 or 24 month subscription. More about that in a few moments.

Is it worth it?

The answer is entirely up to you. Personally, I’ve been through a few sims, games and platforms, and currently i am very much stuck with iRacing, and loving it. That does not mean that you will too though. I know a lot of people who can do just fine without it, and i have stumbled upon people who really are tired of hearing about it.

There are many reasons why people don’t like iRacing, and most of them come down to the pricing. To use it, you’ll have to pay for a subscription. This does not give access to all content though. You’ll have to buy access to anything that is not offered for free, but once you’ve paid for them, they’ll be available for you all the time, as long as you have an active subscription.  This can initially cost quite a bit more than your usual racing game, but in the long run, it is not that bad.

For me, i have a list of reasons why i am happy to use it, and i’ll share them with you

  • I already had to pay a monthly fee for my Xbox Gold that I only used for racing, so for me, it is more or less the same
  • I see purchasable cars and tracks as DLC but for iRacing they last longer compared to the lifetime of DLC that only lasts as long as the game is current
  • I don’t have to be part of a community to race. I just jump into iRacing, and start competing. There are always drivers to race against, and almost always in the series I want to race
  • The actual iRating and SR system works and is among the best ones I’ve tried.
  • 4 styles of racing, each with their own ecosystem of cars, points and rating (Road, Dirt, Oval and Dirt Oval).
  • Ever improving physics, graphics and features
  • iRacing doesn’t jump into a feature just to have it as a selling point. Once dynamic weather and time implemented, it will be a fantastic feature that actually works


I won’t try to convince you that you just can’t be a sim racer without iRacing, or that you really do need it, because i am sure that you already know what you want. There are many alternatives out there but for me, iRacing works really well, and i am happy to simply be able to race whenever i feel like it, without having to arrange with others to find a date and time.

The offer that iRacing has, will give you 30% off any 12 or 24 month renewal. This means that you’ll need to already have an account to use this discount. 12-month Renewal only $77.00 (regular price of $110)   24-Month Renewal only $139.30(regular price of $199)
Plus VAT and fees

Comeback Offer:


Early Renewal Offer:


To redeem, go to and then click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page. Enter the promo code (see below), click apply and complete the checkout process. The discount will be calculated and show in your cart. This offer is only valid through November 25, 2018

New to iRacing?

If you are new to iRacing, i’d warmly recommend that you tried it. You can sign up here, but do give it a proper chance and try at least 3 months with it. I am pretty sure you’ll be hooked. Also, take a look at a few things you’ll have to get used to with iRacing if you’re new to it.

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