iRacing SBS challenge

I want to start off by wishing you all a Happy New Year, and wished for it to be great, whatever it throws at you. Making the best of things is a choice and I hope that 2020 has been a good practice for us to make 2021 awesome!

For this Find Five Friday challenge, I’ve prepared an image donated by Fernando from iRacing SBS team. Fernando is super dedicated to racing and sim racing, and you can follow him more or less everywhere!

I think he’s on Pinterest too, but I am not quite sure how that works so I’m not adding it here. Also partly because I hate how Pinterest is polluting image searches

Anyway, I have edited two versions of the image Fernando donated. It is iRacingSBS’s livery for the new BMW M4 GT3 running on Nurnburgring, on iRacing. Can you find the 5 differences that I have hidden? Give it a try, and scroll down if you’re having trouble

The more you look at this car the more it grows in you, but the gaping front can be a bit controversial. The size of the front grill of BMWs has been controversial for some time though, and source for endless memes online

Although, big, I have not hidden any changes to the front grill. You might have spotted them all by now, but if you haven’t this comparison tool might help you

I love sliding that line across images. I am sure you have too, but if you still can’t find all the differences, you’ll find the solution right here

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