Its a BMW at Suzuka!

This Friday, i had the pleasure on working on an image of a livery that Oliver from Enigma-Polygon has made. Its a BMW M8 that they raced for a 2 hours endurance race.

Oliver makes liveries part-time when the time allows for it. You can have a look at what he has been working on, over at his Instagram @thors_sim_paints. You can also join the sim racing community that he’s running with a few other sim racers, over at their discord Enigma-Polygon.

I have messed a bit with the image that Oliver donated, and changed 5 details. Can you spot them all? Some of them are quite tricky this time!

If you dig into the details of the livery, you’ll notive the Demin Tweeks logo, who sponsor Oliver. SRP (SimRacing Pro) are the pedals that he is using and he was kind enough to send me an image of them. They look radical! Not only do the seem out of this world but from what i heard Oliver explain, the customer service is equally incredible!

Anyway. Now that you have had a chance to take a closer look at the images above, I am sure that you must have found at least a few of the differences. You probably also have a few that you can’t find though, so the comparison tool bellow might help you.

While you keep flicking the line from one side to the other, i’d like to thank you for visiting one more time! If you’d like to have me use one of your image, please do get in touch here, on twitter or Instagram!

Bellow, you’ll find the solutions to the puzzle above

A find Five Friday challenge using an image donated by Thors Sim Paints

See you again next Friday and in the mean time you can have a look at more Find Five Friday challenges!

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