Two Leagues in R Class

Get ready for some fast laps


Two new leagues this week

4th to 11th September

In multiplayer, you’ll find the leagues category, where you can race other drivers and get points depending on where and how you finish. There are no published rules to how you score points, but it seems like you’ll be awarded points for finishing at higher positions, driving clean, avoiding crashes and generally being a good driver. The more drivers that are in the lobby, the more points you’ll score.

Points are added to your driver, and you can see where you place on the leaderboard whenever you wish. When you’re in the lobby, press RT (Right Trigger) to see your position in the leaderboard.

Generally the Leagues is a fun place to be, with new challenges, restriction and often a lot of fun. On the other hand, here you’ll find some of the worst drivers, who’ll do anything to score points. If you have the patience, do join in, and try it out. The more you participate in the leagues, and the better you get, Forza will but you in groups of drivers who are in the same “divission”. This means that if you race a lot in the leagues, it will get better.

R – Ghost League

Sept. 4th to Sept. 12th

Ghost Leagues are fun. Any cars that are around you, will ghost out, wich means you can drive through them, and they can drive through you. You can drive as if you were the only car on the track, but you are still racing to get to the checkered flag first.

It’s a good place to be, because bad drivers won’t crash into you. Also you can’t crash into others, so people won’t mind if you are not a good driver. The only thing you can do wrong, is cut corners and/or track extend. If you try to do clean and fast laps, you’ll have fun here.

This League is open to any R Class cars, so this is going to be interesting. Make sure to have a selection of R rated cars, for fast and technical tracks.

R – Spec League

Sept 4th to Sept 11th

This League is locked to a stock #7 Bentley GT#. So no updates or tunes are allowed. All drivers have the same car, so it’s all down to how good you are, and not to what car you’re driving.

You can change the assists though, and this does have an effect on some performance parameters. If you can, turn off the traction controll, and ABS to gain some speed. But you’ll need to be gentle with the controlls.

Teh races seem to be pretty long. I just tried a few, and it seems like they are trying to hit the 20-25 minutes area. The two races i joined were the Full nurnburg ring (2 laps), and full Long Island (12 laps). I enjoy longer races, so this is going to be a lot of fun!

This will surelly be a messy week for this league, where there will be a lot of crashes, and agressive driving, but it sounds promising and fun, if you get through the first corners with no damage, and can get away from the middle field.

I’ve taken the Bentley for a spin on some tracks and races, and it seems to handle pretty well, but it can be heavy in some turns.

Make sure to let us know if you took part in these leagues, what you thought and where you ranked, when it’s over. Use the comment field at the buttom of the page

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