Lamborghini Artwork

I visited this museum in Århus Denmark, where i found a piece or art that you guys may find interesting. It’s was a Lamborghini Gallardo, placed on display in the Aros munseum, that encouraged visitors to leave their mark on the car. The innitial thought was to make art dynamic, and multi directional, instead of it just going one way.

The car was a part of theme, called “no man is an island“, that was meant to direct focus on contemporary society and challenge our ideas about Europe.

The car was unscratched when it was put in display, but the Museum ARoS curator opened up the exhibition, by leaving his own mark on the car, with a few scratches made by his own key car.

In his own words: “Everything you do, every action, leaves a mark on the society you live in. None of us are left untouched, as every little action has an impact on the whole”.

People were then encouraged to leave their own mark in any way they felt fit. This was meant to go on for some time, but was stopped after 3 weeks. The organizers realized that all the paint could eventually be scratched off, leaving the car totally scraped clean!

If you want to learn more about this, you can read a great post that Wonderful Engineering did about this.

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