The leagues for the upcoming week have stepped it up to a faster group, compared to last week. It really is a matter of taste but on public lobbies, faster cars often mean more mess. Have a go with them though, and let us know what happened

Ghosted Open S Class

The ghosted league is a fun place to be, because collisions are turned off. Cars will just slide through each other and you won’t have the frustrating rammers ruining your lap. It greatly changes the nature of racing though, but it is good fun anyway. For this week, it is locked to any car that is S class. You are allowed to upgrade and tune any car, so make sure you have a few ready for any track that might show up.

Endurance Hyper cars

This league will feature slightly linger races than other leagues, and will include a forced quickstop. You’ll have to pick a car from the Modern Hypercar division and it has to be R class. All cars in this division are in R class, but you are allowed to use upgrades, so make sure to have a proper tune for the cars you choose to race. There is a total of 12 cars in this division, of which 4 are DLC.

The league we feature this week is the spec league with the Lotus Exige S. This is not because it is a great car to drive, but mostly because once you get used to it, it can be a lot of fun. It does need some getting used to, especially in stock set up.
The car is small and light, but has 345 Hp so it can be a handful at certain parts of the track.

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