The new leagues are up, and will challenge your driving skills during the next week.

Asian Endurance

Endurance leagues run slightly longer sessions than other leagues. They also have a mandatory Quickstop. Even though you might not actually need a quickstop, this allows for some degree of strategy. For this week, you’ll need to pick an S class car, that is manufactured in an Asian country/region. Tunes & Upgrades are allowed

Heavy Weight Ghosts

The ghost leagues are a safe place to be, because collisions are turned off. This means that other cars will simply drive through you instead of ramming you off the track. For this week, you’ll need to pick an A class car from the Executive Heavyweight division. There are 20 cars here, and most of them handle pretty badly in stock configuration. You’ll be able to pick some decent tunes though, that might make this an interesting league

Stock 2012 Mini

Our featured legue for this week, and the one we think might be the most fun, is the Stock Mini John Cooper Works GP from 2012. Although it’s a FWD it handles pretty well and feels fast. All drivers will be using the exact same car (although custom liveries are allowed) so it will challenge your driving skills more than your ability to find and pick the right tunes.
This could be a very interesting and intense league that you should at least try during this week.

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