Livery Pack for TSP

I have been very honoured to be commissioned by Team Slow Pace to make a series of liveries for the cars they race the most. They didn’t need all cars to be the same, as long as they had something in common, that would identify them as a team.

First of all, we settled on a new logo that would strengthen the brand. They already had part of it, but we locked it in place in different variations, so that it could be used on different places and objects.

The logos were kept in the red and white theme, inspired by the Danish flags that the team is based in. The yellow was used as an attentions grabber that would supplement the red.

Next, I had to learn about Spec map layers. This was a task that i had procrastinated a lot and that I had had trouble finding the motivation to learn. It sounded very complicated and the few times I had tried to mess with it, I had failed badly at making what I wanted to make. As is the case with most things though, once I started learning more about them and understanding them, they became pretty straight forward.

The new issue that I found I had to deal with, was that the colours change quite dramatically, depending on what texture you apply to them and what environment you place the car in. We settled on a dark red with a slightly rough texture, a bright red colour that is identical to the red in the logo, and a chrome highlight.

I added a texture effect on the dark red though, that used the teams initials as a different texture. So you will notice a pretty bold TSP pattern on top of that colour on all cars.

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