Welcome back to a Find Five Friday challenge! This time, it’s with an LMP2 at SPA in Belgium. The Dallara P217 has taken iRacing like a storm and is one of the most popular but maybe also controversial cars on the network.

This picture was donated by Drew Lloyd who enjoys making liveries and taking in-game pictures. You can see his work here, and get in touch with him if you want something done.

Have a look at the two images bellow, and try to find the five differences between them.

There are a lot of details in this image, and I won’t blame you if you can’t find all 5. If you’re still struggling, have a look at the very addictive image comparison bellow

This should clear things up but if you’re stuck at four, and can’t find the last one, you can find all five solutions bellow

Once more I’d like to thank Drew for the image. If you’d like to have your own image featured in one of my Find Five Friday challenges, get in touch, and we’ll figure something out!

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