Not quite triples

The other day, i found an interesting post in a reddit group. A guy with the username felippeg had shared a very creative way of expanding his middle screen with two smaller screens.

So the basic idea was to use the main wide screen in the middle and use two super cheap smaller screens for the side screens. These were flipped sideways, so that their width matched the height of the middle screen. To make this work, the user had to assign a custom resolution to the side monitors, through Nvidia graphics settings. He then used windows graphics options to rotate them, and expand the desctop to them. He suggests to not use Nvidia surround to merge the desktop. Instead simply use the windows screen options to expand the screens across all three.
Felippe explaining his setup

Many games support custom resolutions that fit the special arrangement, but if not, others can run windowed. To make the window borderless, Felippe used a software called SRWE that lets you customize the way programs use windows and borders.

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