SR4MH Promo

I ¬†help Sim Racers For Mental Health a bit with graphics and simple logos, but i also wanted to practice on some video promos, so i made this one for them. It's basically a few slides of info, using modern transitions and an overlay music that suits the style. I've stuck to the colors that... Continue Reading →

Sim Racing Guys

The Sim Racing Guys needed an intro for a new project that they are launching soon. I couldn't make up my mind between the background colors so I ended up making two. One with a red background and the other with a very dark grey. You can comment bellow, and tell me which one you... Continue Reading →

Dale Trickle

Dave had a logo with a white background. I did a quick and dirty background removal that although not proper, it worked out pretty well.

Sweet Tees

Sweet tee has two passions. Sim racing and BBQ, so their logo covers both! Its a very cool logo that i had to edit a bit to get dig of a background, but it was fairly easy to do. For the videos, I wanted to go with a flame theme. The first is a dark... Continue Reading →


Foxtochop had a logo, but with no actual name on it. I was allowed to use any font to spell the name, but this gave a challenge. The software that i use, does allow to add a text or title to some of these logo animations, but it won't let me know what font it... Continue Reading →


Wolfpack had some troubles sending over a logo with no background. We tried a few things but still couldn't get it, so I ended up deleting the background manually. I'd rather not have to do this though, because it took way too long, and I'm not too good at it any way. For the video,... Continue Reading →

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