WRT Clip

WRT has a cool logo, that i could use a colorpicker to lift the colors off it. I decided to make two versions of this intro, with a dark and a light version. The dark Holographic video, I can change The colors of the two lines The background. For the light version, the customization options… Continue reading WRT Clip

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Talk & Crew Chief

I have grown really fond of Crew Chief mainly because it can do so much more than you'd expect of it! I initially bought the app for my android phone and used it back in the days when i was racing on X-box. Now on PC i have downloaded the program, that is even better… Continue reading Talk & Crew Chief

F1 2019 preorders open

The F1 series was what got me started racing, after i felt that i needed to upgrade from Burnout. It was the game that opened my eyes virtual racing, and that the racing and not the crashing on car-games actually was very exciting! Although the series was a bit stuck on the same reskinned game… Continue reading F1 2019 preorders open

iRacing Bars

One thing that I have really had trouble understanding properly, are the iRacing performance bars. So i had a closer look at them, and the information available, to try and sort them out. Although I will try to explain what these bars show, based off what i could gather from the internet, I sadly can't… Continue reading iRacing Bars

iRacing Double

It's not often that I use iRacing pictures in here, but that is mainly because my system is not quite good enough to take good pictures of it. The good thing is, that there are people out there, who are willing to share their pictures with me! This week, I'm to have some great pictures… Continue reading iRacing Double